Sunday, May 7, 2017

Just as I promised

헬로, hello! So, on yesterday? or the past two days? (wtf I already forgot smh) Okay it's on May 5th. I updated my blog with a new face and I said it's a responsive one but it was not fully responsive lol.

it shouldn't be like this 😥😥

It should be like this if you are on my blog using your phone. sorry because i'm too lazy to take my phone so 👉👈

I already fixed it so my blog is responsive now. Yesterday, I went out with my family for the whole day. We went to buy clothes and songket for Aidilfitri (heol I already gave a hint for my 1st day of Eid), creepe silk and cotton silk. My dad doesn't want to think about Aidilfitri's outfits anymore so yesterday, we settled everything and I was so exhausted. The night before yesterday, I slept at 4am and freaking woke up at 6:30am and got ready to go. I slept the whole journey (fgs I listened to ed sheeran's shape of you for more than 5 times yesterday in the car + charlie puth's attention too. my ears were bleeding *hyperbola*). We stopped at a restaurant for breakfast, my eyes didn't want to open and I had to force myself to stay awake wth.

I already watched Man to Man episode 5 and 6 and right now, I'm fighting with my inner-self to stay calm waiting for the upcoming episodes. why do the previews for the upcoming episodes need to be so intense?? 😤 I still can't accept Guard Kim with Cha Do Ha. excuse me, I'm at the edge to stop watching after the 3rd episode because of Guard Kim and Cha Do Ha's relationship. Cha Do Ha's character is so super annoying in my eyes / sorry not sorry. I cringed everytime they had very worthy cringe lines ugh

I watched Monsta X's Weekly Idol last night 😂 Finally! I was looking for the sub since it's released but I couldn't find it anywhere after the fully subbed on youtube had been taken down because of copyrights issue. I laughed so hard because of changkyun 😂 He tried so hard to do the handstand lol.

wonho's pickupline wtf

bye my head hurts so much because I'm so sleepy right now lol it's 8pm smh // I actually noticed that I would always end my post in a sudden hahahahha for example, I told my stories halfway then got into other things because idk what to tell anymore lol ended up, with a sudden bye. Idk, it just turned out to be that way.

not to forget,

Happy Birthday Shazwana  🎉🎉🎉

#I type this post from 4pm until 8pm wth did I do.

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